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The word “friend” is very important. It carries weight and meaning. I can dig that. The word is thrown around too lightly. With the advent of social networking sites, the word has almost taken on a new meaning. Today a friend is someone who you’ve seen around once or twice but never actually had a decent conversation with. You have to be careful who you allow in your space, even if it is digital. The following people just might get the reject button with a weird looks instead of a confirmation! LOL

You’re holding wads of cash in your profile picture

 Not only is holding wads of cash pervieved as tacky and indicative of an “ain’t used to nothin’” mentality, money is dirty! Why handle it more than you have to?  And speaking of handling money– am I the only one who’s seen people gripping bills in between their lips or teeth? What are you thinking?

You’re throwing up some gang affiliated sign in all seriousness

We’ve all taken pictures posing with poses. Where you’re giving the camera your best “I don’t give a what!” type of expression but some say gangs are the catalysts behind many of the ills in our community.

You have your innocent child engaged in some type of ratchet activity

Unfortunately some parents specialize in involving their children in their  ADULT extracurriculars. You’re grown. If you want to piss your life away, by all means go ahead; but don’t, incorporate your child in the madness. Their life is their own. Try not to ruin it before they even get out the house.

You’ve said every four letter word known to man throughout your wall but under your favorite quotes you have nothing but Bible verses! LOL

No one’s a heathen all the time and no one’s a saint 7 days of the week but this clear disconnect in your online persona is sure to be reflected in your everyday life. Hypocrisy is not  cool.

“I don’t read” in your favorite books section     

It hurts me that some people don’t enjoy reading but it’s a fact I’m learning to accept. Even if you wouldn’t choose to read in your down time- the fact that you can’t think of a single book that you enjoyed is a red flag in my book. In this short time we have on this earth, we can’t possibly experience everything the world has to offer– books fill in those gaps.

Your status updates are constantly referring to the proverbial haters

We all have haters. They roam the earth among us. But if everyone you encounter is regarded as a hater. Then something is wrong. Some one who disagrees with you is not a hater. They just don’t agree with your thinking. And to that note, some people are trying to make you better. It’s not about them being jealous of what you’re doing at the current moment.

There are a series of statuses that detail your current relationship woes

If your boyfriend, husband, wife, girlfriend is working your last nerves– keep it mess to yourself. Facebook is NOT your digital diary. That information is stored forever and you never know who’s going to read it and at what time. If you absolutely must express a thought or feeling be slick with it– so no one knows who or what you’re referring to. Keep it classy!

You have a reputation for being nothing but a party promoter

Chances are you met people through a random, chance encounter. Some people don’t frequent the same circles as you do and won’t be attending any of the parties, socials or “networking events” that people have hosting. Thats life. You can take that as a standing “decline” for every invite you even anticipate sending to peoples inbox. I appreciate the hustle some people just wont accept you if you come off like this there has to be more your page!

You’re flicking the camera off in every other shot

You are not a celebrity being followed around by the paparazzi. You and I both know it was your friend who took that picture. So what is the purpose of perpetrating like you’re anti life all the time?

You’re trying, unashamedly, to get chose

This applies equally to men and women. It’s always apparent who’s trying to use Facebook as some type of dating service. If you’re taking vulgar pictures of yourself in the bed or bathroom,– People know what you’re doing. If you send a message along with your friend request suggesting that we get to know each other better, people take one look at a possible ridiculous default image and be forced to next you!


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