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In this new digital age there are rules you need to abide by when it comes to sharing your real world relationship with the online community.

Facebook will now reward users who watch certain ads on the site with Facebook Credits, which can be redeemed to purchase goods on Facebook Deals, the company’s new Groupon-like daily deals service. The incentive, however, is not huge. Initially at least, the average ad will yield one credit, which is the equivalent of 10 cents. […]

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I don’t think airing out personal/others dirty laundry, beefs, low blows, subliminal(s), and all things that involve another exposing the next man will EVER fade on Twitter! – Post courtesy of -For more on this post, click here:

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Why in the world are people constantly getting violent over Facebook??? An Indiana woman last night allegedly stabbed her boyfriend with a kitchen knife after he would not allow her to view his Facebook page, according to cops. Maurice Davenport, 22, told police that he “had gotten into a verbal altercation over a Facebook page” […]

Machine Gun Kelly had just gotten back to Ohio and had since performed at “It’s Showtime At The Apollo” when he came by the show and hung out with me a while ago. He talked about making history at the Apollo, people he’s come across and him feeling like he has something to prove. Plus other crazy & funny things! Listen in and hang out with us here! Z-LINKS: […]


Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of facebook is a said to be worth 4 BILLION dollars now. But these two dudes said facebook was their idea…I put up 2 videos of them being interviewed about the ordeal for you.     The TODAY SHOW Interviewed the two here also…