The backlash against producer Solar continues, as the unidentified individual who hacked his Twitter account is conducting full interviews.

Solar, the business partner of Guru, has lashed out at the accusations that he was mentally controlling and physically abusive to the late founder of Gang Starr.

Patricia Elam says the family of Keith “Guru” Elam found out about his death the day after he died, through the media.

Tasha Denham was an employee of Guru & Solar’s 7 Grand Records label as well as the mother of one of Solar’s children.

The story surrounding Guru’s last months continue to get more and more unclear.

The true nature of Guru’s relationship with Solar has been a hot topic of debate since Guru went into the hospital and Solar began acting on his behalf.

Superproducer Solar spoke with Sway of MTV News about the rumors surrounding Guru’s death and the letter that served as his last statement.

The details surrounding the last months of Keith “Guru” Elam of Gang Starr’s life have been dogged by rumors, in-fighting, and questionable statements.

“Superproducer” Solar, musical partner of former GangStarr emcee Guru, was interviewed by NYC’s Hot 97 morning jocks Cipha Sounds, Rosenberg, and K-Foxx.