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The true nature of Guru’s relationship with Solar has been a hot topic of debate since Guru went into the hospital and Solar began acting on his behalf.

Rapper Jacky Jasper, who is best known for his work with Kool Keith and also says he booked shows for Guru and Solar, claims to have the real story.

Jacky took to his blog and laid it all out.   Is he telling the truth?  Only time will tell, I suppose.

…Here’s something what [sic] you may not know (which I always knew) Guru, whose real name is Keith Elam, was a homosexual, and he started dating a well-known homosexual from Brooklyn New york named “DJ Solar”. Solar (real name John Barry Mo’Sher) ended up breaking up “Gang Starr” because he pulled Guru away from the talented “DJ Premier”, word is Solar wanted Guru all for himself. I know this because I used to book shows for “Guru & Solar” and dude use to beat on “Guru” I swear!!! I personally witnessed someone walking in on Solar giving Guru a proper beating behind closed doors.Sources close to HSK were touring Europe with Guru, Solar, and DJ Doo Wop & Kool Keith with Kutmasta Kurt in Fall 2005. At that time the groups had an extended week long stay in the Spanish Canary Islands off the coast of Africa. Guru happily lounged with Solar in his flip flops and swimming trunks downing Hennessy straight and snorting blow by the eightball.

Solar denied all rumblings of a romantic relationship between he and Guru in an interview with MTV News.

Jacky also posted up scans of both Solar & Guru’s passports, proving false that Guru was 43 when he died, when he was actually 48.  This clears up a bit of in-office-discussion regarding an interview from 1998 that we posted earlier where Guru’s age was given as 36.

In another post, which has since been taken down, Jacky claims that Guru’s father, a retired Massachussets superior court justice, sent the police to reclaim Guru’s body and have it sent back to Massachussets.

Reports are coming into HSK that when Guru’s father, the Honorable Harry J. Elam, a former prominent lawyer from Boston and a retired Massachusetts superior court justice, called to recover the body from John “Solar” Mo’Sher, Solar said that he was taking the body upstate for a private memorial.

Judge Elam immediately made claim to the body and asked Solar to “return the body at once”, to which Solar replied that he would return the body if Elam Sr. called off the Elam nephew from continuing to make statements and videos about Solar. Claims which Solar continues to call false.

Judge Elam’s reply, “I don’t have time for these childish games, send my sons body home immediately.”

Following this exchange the police were sent and Guru’s body was recovered and is currently on its way back to Boston, to his family and to lay in honor as they see fit.


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