Honestly, I don’t even remember Oprah admitting to doing crack but considering that happened in 1995 I’ll give myself a pass. Either way, in a recent appearance on a segment of the “Today Show” known as “Today’s Professionals,” Star Jones said Oprah admitting to doing drugs was a publicity stunt just like Anderson Cooper’s coming […]

After getting fired from her job as a co-host on ABC’s “The View” in 2006, Star Jones will be returning to the daytime show on February 22nd. She’ll only be on for the day as a guest to promote heart disease awareness among women.

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*There is no question about it now, Star Jones is the definition of drama. Her name is in headlines again as her ex-husband has decided to seek damages from her for supposedly trashing their marriage on television.


NeNe Leakes is a quitter! The “Celebrity Apprentice” cast member couldn’t stand working with Star Jones anymore and decided to walk away. According to TMZ, sh*t hit the fan, when Trump reordered the teams on the show, after Star told Trump she couldn’t work with her arch-enemy NeNe anymore. NeNe stormed off to her hotel […]

Nene Leakes quit last night on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice.  Leakes says that the show’s host, Donald Trump, disrespected her on and off-camera.

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Attorney, Host and Celebrity Apprentice contestant Star Jones recently stopped by Sirius XM’s Hip Hop Nation’s morning show, Ear Candy Mornings with Renada Romain.  She gave an in-depth interview about her battle with weight, the aftermath of her 2003 gastric bypass and depression,her current health status and more.  


You got questions? These nine television hosts probably had them too, for a wide array of celebrities, politicians, athletes, and everyday people with amazing stories. Check out our list of the nine best black television talk show hosts. 1. Oprah Winfrey Initially The Oprah Winfrey Show was just another talk show when it debuted in […]

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Star Jones was recovering over the weekend after undergoing cardiac surgery last week, reports.