Police brutality has been rampant these past few months, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Back in September, Hammond police pulled over…


Jamal Jones of Indiana was a passenger in the car with his girlfriend and 2 kids when they were pulled over. They were stopped and…

The Tribune reports two people called 911 from outside the North Coast Music Festival. One to report a naked man who broke a windshield, and the other to report a naked man jumping on top of cars. When officers arrived, DNA info Chicago reports they found the 22-year-old Massachusetts man naked, sitting in a puddle of water. […]


The security guard who became an internet sensation after posting videos of himself fighting crime at downtown’s Metro Mall was himself in the Fulton County Jail Friday. Jail records show that Darien Long was arrested Thursday and charged with battery. Atlanta police arrested Long after he got into a scuffle with another person at the […]


A “defiant” North Carolina woman was recently tasered in front of her 3-year-old daughter for refusing to leave a McDonald’s drive-thru line. Evangeline Lucca, 37, reportedly cut the line and was refused service by McDonald’s employees who told her she had to wait in line like everyone else. Police arrived on the scene after the […]


When will it stop? We are told to respect the people who are supposed to protect us but are these the actions of people we are supposed to trust?


PANAMA CITY BEACH — Bay County deputies say a 23-year-old man who was shocked with a stun gun died after choking on a large bag of marijuana during an attempted arrest.