the marathon continues

Though no longer here in the physical form, the marathon continues. Look back at the wisdom of Nipsey Hussle, on what would have been his 36th birthday.

Tell yo teacher the only blue you acknowledge in the crayon box is that Nipsey Blue! That is the request fans [including Lebron James] are hoping can be fulfilled from Crayola! Why not? I’m with it! Via CBS News: Fans of Nipsey Hussle have found a new way to honor him — with a Crayola crayon. Twitter […]

A lot of people probably didn’t know that Nipsey had a total of 14 businesses! His family plans on making his foundation their number one priority. . .starting with a name for it. Via TMZ: Nipsey Hussle was in the middle of some big plans to give back to his Crenshaw neighborhood with his own foundation […]

It safe to say ignorant people will be ignorant. . .and clearly that is the case here! It was bad enough people were trying to sell tickets to his FREE memorial service. Are we surprised that people were also trying to sell the booklet fans and family were provided at his funeral? I mean. . […]

So how crazy is this update! The friend that Nipsey was helping out the day he lost his life. . .Remember. . .the one who he was meeting up at the store to bless him with some gear? Well if you didn’t not already know. . .that friend was one of the victims in the […]