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Tell yo teacher the only blue you acknowledge in the crayon box is that Nipsey Blue! That is the request fans [including Lebron James] are hoping can be fulfilled from Crayola!

Why not? I’m with it!

Via CBS News:

Fans of Nipsey Hussle have found a new way to honor him — with a Crayola crayon. Twitter users are calling on the company to rename a blue crayon in honor of the late rapper.

Crayola asked its social media followers for help naming a new blue crayon back in 2017, but now, Nipsey Hussle’s friends and fans, including Los Angeles Lakers’ star LeBron James, are advocating for the name “Nipsey Blue.”

James reacted to the news of Nipsey Hussle’s death in an interview with CBS Los Angeles.

“It’s another tragedy in the inner city, urban community, and it’s just unfortunate,” James said. “It’s so unfortunate when you look at a guy who believed in what he believed in, talked about how he wanted to give back to his own community, actually gave back to his community, and actually stayed in his community.” Continue reading more [HERE]

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