lauren london

Lauren London is no stranger to tragedy and trauma. People all over the country are dealing with loss and pain as we all try to overcome the damage of Corona Virus and Lauren London offered some words of encouragement and motivation as she explains, from her perspective, how to deal with trauma. She jumped on Instagram […]

March 31st will be a day none of us will forget but especially the family and friends of Nip — the day his life was taken away. The Day his daughter and son lost their father. Well today — Lauren spent her morning in court [in LA] where she has officially been awarded guardianship of […]

Whoever said mother’s aren’t sexy or still got it. . .must be livin under rocks because these leading mothers are the epitome! Tell me where the lie is *insert shrug emoji* Here’s some reminders in case you forgot! Be sure to catch one of our own mama’s [Ro Digga] inside The Day Part weekdays beginning […]

Tell yo teacher the only blue you acknowledge in the crayon box is that Nipsey Blue! That is the request fans [including Lebron James] are hoping can be fulfilled from Crayola! Why not? I’m with it! Via CBS News: Fans of Nipsey Hussle have found a new way to honor him — with a Crayola crayon. Twitter […]

Nipsey Hussle decided to finally set the record straight about his relationship to Lauren London.  He’s saying they aren’t engaged…even though they allegedly just did an engagement photo shoot and we’ve heard him refer to her as his wife before. Hmmm I’m not sure I’m buying this one… via: TheYBF TMZ reported people from the GQ production […]

Sometimes I don’t know what people want from celebrities. Lauren London just gave birth to her second child and now people are going in on her after a photo appeared of her out with her child’s father Nipsey Hustle. Lauren London just had baby Kross six months ago, and we thought she looked cute and […]

Congratulations to Lauren London & Nipsey Hussle on their new bundle of joy! This will probably be the closet thing we get to seeing her baby boy and I’m not made at her for that!

T.I. is bringing movie lovers back to Atlanta to catch up with their favorite group of friends in “ATL 2”! We don’t know how Tip…