Nipsey Hussle

The late West Coast emcee’s prophetic rhymes still ring true today Nipsey Hussle, in many ways, was ahead of his time. Through his interviews, with grace and distinct diction, he spoke as if he’d been on earth for multiple lifetimes. The finesse in his bars and loyalty to his lady made him one of hip-hop’s […]

Though no longer here in the physical form, the marathon continues. Look back at the wisdom of Nipsey Hussle, on what would have been his 36th birthday.

A popular destination for tourists, the star serves as tribute to the recipient's contribution to the world of arts and entertainment.

Lauren London is no stranger to tragedy and trauma. People all over the country are dealing with loss and pain as we all try to overcome the damage of Corona Virus and Lauren London offered some words of encouragement and motivation as she explains, from her perspective, how to deal with trauma. She jumped on Instagram […]

YG’s weekend did not kick off to a good start. According to reports, he was arrested at his home as officers arrived with a search warrant. The home raid stems from charges of robbery. YG was taken in custody on Friday and has yet to be arraigned but his lawyer is denying all charges. His […]

To this day and years to come. . .people will always remember the day we lost Nip back on March 31st 2019. One of the biggest takeaways from his untimely passing was how much of an impact he not only had in the music game. . .but in the lives of the people he touched […]

Nipsey Hussle’s alleged killer Eric Holder is making news again. This time his legal time made headlines for trying to get his attempted murder case dismissed. A judge made a ruling on it today and Eric Holder’s legal team was denied. Some would question why they pursued a dismissal in the first well, we peeped […]

March 31st will be a day none of us will forget but especially the family and friends of Nip — the day his life was taken away. The Day his daughter and son lost their father. Well today — Lauren spent her morning in court [in LA] where she has officially been awarded guardianship of […]

Nipsey Hussle’s death is still shocking and the pain is still very fresh but fans around the world are taking time today to celebrate what would have been the slain rappers 34th birthday. The Marathon continues! Meek Mill is among the many people who are remembering Nipsey Hussle today by wishing the late legendary rapper Happy Birthday. Meek […]

Nipsey Hussle’s family is still mourning and understandably they aren’t ready to do a public birthday celebration for him less than a year since his tragic death. via TMZ Nipsey Hussle‘s family is turning down hoards of proposals for a very public birthday bash honoring the slain rapper … because the wounds are just too […]

The gamer community is massive, with almost each game having it’s own cult following. Few are larger than the following for NBA 2K, the longest run basketball video game that’s about to release it’s 20th version this fall. One of the standouts on 2K has always been it’s soundtrack. Hip hop fans big and small […]

Reports are saying that the same LAPD members who were praising Nipsey Hussle and his work in the community were the same people who were secretly investigating him… SMH via: TMZ Nipsey Hussle was praised by the LAPD as a peacemaker in the wake of his death — a hero of sorts in his community for […]