So how crazy is this update! The friend that Nipsey was helping out the day he lost his life. . .Remember. . .the one who he was meeting up at the store to bless him with some gear? Well if you didn’t not already know. . .that friend was one of the victims in the […]

As we continue to mourn the loss of Nipsey. . .friends and family continue to share their memories. For some. . .the posts and pictures really help ease the pain. Naturally you wonder how those closest to Nipsey are holding it together. . .Well Nipsey’s mother just shared some really powerful strong loving words about […]

As the world gets ready to say their final goodbyes to Nip this Thursday. . .Updates are still coming thru and like we promised. . .we will continue to share those details surrounding his untimely death. Is anyone else having a hard time shaking this one??? That is definitely a rhetorical question. . .considering the […]

Like myself. . .fans friends and loved ones of Nipsey. . .continue to reminisce on all the good that he stood for! All of the good he did for his people and neighborhood. That is why reports of him being at his store that Sunday afternoon. . .to give back to a friend who had […]