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Like myself. . .fans friends and loved ones of Nipsey. . .continue to reminisce on all the good that he stood for! All of the good he did for his people and neighborhood. That is why reports of him being at his store that Sunday afternoon. . .to give back to a friend who had just been released from doing a 20 years bid. . .makes his passing even more hurtful. He was doing some good for a friend.

This same story. . .also brings some light to the question that we all have been pondering. . .WHERE WAS HIS SECURITY etc???? According to the details. . .this is why Nip was essentially solo that day. Supposedly he went to his store on the humble.

Via Mercury News:

Nipsey Hussle went to clothing store without security to help ex-con friend, report says.

Nipsey Hussle was killed while trying to help out an old friend who had just been released from prison, TMZ is reporting.

The Grammy-nominated rapper had met up with his friend at his Marathon Clothing store in South Los Angeles Sunday afternoon to help him buy some new clothes. The man had just left prison after serving 20 years, and Hussle wanted to help him find something to wear before he saw his family.


Tragically, Hussle failed to let his team or his security guard know he was going to the store solo; they were not aware that he had even left his house, TMZ reported.

Hussle was confronted outside his store by a 29-year-old man identified by police as Eric Holder, who fired multiple rounds, killing him. Hussle’s ex-con friend was one of two people who also were shot and injured in the attack, TMZ said. The third victim was the friend’s nephew, who drove him to the store. Continue reading [HERE].

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