Since ending their engagement in 2014, Future and Ciara have gone on to elevate themselves in two separate but equally impactful ways. While Pluto put together an unprecedented mixtape run that solidified his cultural status, Ciara built a relationship with Russell Wilson and continues to craft an impressive career in music. On the latest episode […]

Via TMZ A former employee of R. Kelly told a grand jury the singer regularly recorded tapes of his sexual encounters with underage girls and kept them as trophies … and they’re now believed to be in the hands of the feds. Sources directly connected to the case tell TMZ … the ex-employee testified in front […]

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Weed enthusiasts in Nevada have wasted no time this week getting their hands [and bongs] on some of the state’s recently legalized marijuana. The sale of recreational marijuana has been legal in the state since last Sunday night, making it the fifth state to legalize the drug for recreational purposes. But there’s already a fear that […]

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Via Huffington Post: It’s one small step for a chicken sandwich, and one giant leap for fast food. On June 21, KFC plans to launch its Zinger chicken sandwich into a space via a high-altitude solar-powered balloon known as a “stratollite,” a word combining “stratosphere” and “satellite.” The chicken sandwich will zip up to about 28.5 […]

Ok so it’s no secret Bow Wow’s the You Big Dummy award winner for his fake antics but it’s this opening statement he makes in an interview from this morning below. . .that puts the icing on the cake: Bow Wow. . .What’s up with another Roll Bounce movie tho??? Catch RoDigga inside The Day Party […]

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Man. . .Just read the post below and you’ll understand why these parents rightfully deserved the You Big Dummy Award! Catch The Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm!  

What do ya think about this one??? Via Fox 5 DC: A disturbing new trend called “stealthing” is making its way into bedrooms nationwide, but there is nothing sexy about it and can be even dangerous. Stealthing is when a man secretly removes his condom during sex without telling his partner and without their consent. […]

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