Via TMZ A former employee of R. Kelly told a grand jury the singer regularly recorded tapes of his sexual encounters with underage girls and kept them as trophies … and they’re now believed to be in the hands of the feds. Sources directly connected to the case tell TMZ … the ex-employee testified in front […]


I swear this one hit different. . .maybe because it is knowing what this man leaves behind in his family or maybe because it is just SAD that a life was taken so senselessly. Nipsey’s death will be talked about for a while and we will continue to share any and all updates. Including this […]

Drake never ceases to amaze me….I guess he does owe alot to Mr. Carter but SHEESH!

How does R. Kelly convince a man to let his daughter come live on his compund to “work on music”??? The world may never know, but there is definitely more to this story. Be sure to follow @DjKNYCE, @RoDigga & @TheDayPartyCLE


Facebook killer Steve Stephens was undone by McDonald’s employees who ID’d him and made him wait a little extra time for his order so the cops could come and catch him. Stephens went through the drive-thru at the McDonald’s on Buffalo Road in Erie, PA when one of the workers recognized him. He ordered a […]

According to TMZ Kim Kardashian’s diamond cross necklace has been found from the robbery. Check out the video below:

TMZ is currently doing a live broadcast on the DEA's raid of Prince's Paisley Park.

The sudden death of Jim Carrey‘s ex-girlfriend Cathriona White is slowly becoming more and more complicated. According to reports, three empty pill bottles beside White when she was found dead were prescribed to Jim Carrey under an alias. TMZ revealed that there is “reason to believe” White may have taken the medications from Carrey’s house. She was found […]

Love is taking a lot of losses this summer, and it seems to be in the lengthier relationships we thought would never end. Gwen Stefani…

Things are getting pretty messy between Draya Michele and Orlando Scandrick in the midst of him breaking off their engagement. This week, the two exchanged…

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It looks like Rich Dollaz is back in trouble with the law regarding his finances once again. The Love & Hip Hop star was arrested…

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  Just days after officially filing for divorce from superstar singer Mariah Carey, TMZ is reporting that the divorce could be a costly situation for…