This thing is wicked, mean & vicious! I guess we can put to rest those rumors of him not wanting to be here….he’s officially repping to the fullest !       View this post on Instagram   “Picture me on da frontta da roof like this!!!!” Preciate u family !!!! @dreamworksmotorsports 😭😭😭😭👃🏾 A post […]

Ladies and gentlemen. . .meet Bodak Borange!  Catch Ro Digga inside The Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm! 


  According to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s police report, the man was trying to leave the store with jeans and earbud headphones when employees caught him and took the items back. They called the cops as the guy made a run for it. He apparently got into the driver’s side of a waiting pickup truck […]

 They Just Released Pics Of The New BENTLEY SUV . . . ! SOURCE All I can say is DAYUUUUUUUUM That’s a BAD A** Whip! LOL  

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Cleveland is known world-wide for Rock-n-Roll But right now, the drum beat is for Cleveland’s most delectable foods. The cuisine may be Cajun but it’s the taste of Cleveland these days that’s drawing crowds wherever these food trucks park and serve. “I’m so torn. I don’t know if I’m to get […]

(RNN) – Labor Day weekend is one of the busiest weekends for road traveling, so planning ahead and being well prepared are essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. The National Safety Council (NSC) released estimated traffic fatality information for the upcoming Labor Day week, predicting 400 will lose their lives over the holiday […]

A man in Illinois, driving a pickup truck with failed brakes, dragged his foot on the ground in an attempt to stop his vehicle. It looks like his Flintstone style technique worked just as he was about to roll into a busy intersection! Fred Flintstone would be proud lol! Check out the video below! Source Most […]

Video from West 6th in Cleveland. Dude won’t move his Mustang. THERE IS NOBODY IN FRONT OF HIM AT ALL EITHER! The Girls’ reaction is hilarious, especially the front passenger. WARNING ADULT LANGUAGE

OAKWOOD VILLAGE (WOIO) – A nasty wreck on Interstate 271 northbound is tying up traffic in that area.

This video may be disturbing but keep in mind the kid is ok. He is bruised up and dazed but went home learning that the dougie is meant for the dance floor and not for traffic.