We’ve all been waiting for the Tupac story to come out, but it looks like it might be getting put off a little longer than expected. It was announced last summer director Antoine Fuqua will be shooting Tupac’s biopic in September. However, the shooting won’t begin until April. But in the meantime, some changes have […]

When Dave Chappelle had a show everyone (mostly everyone) would agree that is was one of the funniest shows on television. He did a hilarious spoof of 2pac’s futuristic-like songs called “I Wrote This Song In 94”

Summer is quickly approaching and if the weather is no indication the change in songs on the radio certainly is.   You know which songs, the ones that you never hear in the winter but as soon as the sun breaks these summer jingles are blasting through your stereo.  

The Hughes Brothers are denying the long standing rumor that Tupac beat them up.