Tyler Perry

Jamie Foxx and Tyler Perry are being sued for $1 million each by a prisoner — who claims the duo jacked his idea for a groan-worthy new comedy … starring Foxx, Perry, and Martin Lawrence … all dressed as women. In case you haven’t heard … the project is called “Skank Robbers” — a wacky action comedy […]

The rumors are swirling Tyler Perry is ready to jump the broom but some say he’s doing it for the wrong reason! He just wrapped up his latest film, starring R&B singer Brandy and Kim Kardashian titled The Marriage Counselor but, sources say the award winning director/actor may be engaged sooner rather than later! According to reports […]

The media titan’s newest film, “Good Deeds” will be released Feburary 24th, 2012 and features a star-studded cast.

Uh oh! Tyler Perry is widely viewed as the most powerful and highest paid black man in Hollywood, but few have explored exactly how he achieved his rapid rise and blockbuster success. Now, a man from Perry’s past has stepped forward claiming that the writer-director-producer didn’t achieve his status alone. And that he didn’t do it honestly. […]

When Tyler Perry came on the scene, it was as if he had a first class express flight to the top. Yes he’s shared his story about his rise to fame, but no one ever really challenged it. Now a man claiming to be a part of the director’s past is coming forward with allegations that […]

Tyler Perry who was also a victim of chid molestation has penned an emotional open letter to an 11-year old boy affected by the Penn State/Sandusky molestation scandal. I don’t know your name, but I know your face. I don’t know your journey, but I know where you are. I am your brother! I must […]

In less than a decade, Tyler Perry has gone from one-man show to profit machine, and the entertainment mogul is going all out for 2012. In addition to the four films Perry he has scheduled for release next year (Good Deeds, I, Alex Cross, a new Madea film and The Marriage Counselor), he also claims […]

Uh oh! Filmmaker Tyler Perry is taking heat after posting a letter on his website defending Kim Kardashian! We toldja Kim is co-starring in his new movie “The Marriage Counselor.” Fans blasted Perry for keeping Kim on the film after her short lived 72 day marriage to NFL baller Kris Humphries. Some fans are even planning to […]

Tyler sent out this personal message late Wednesday night to respond to the folks who are boycotting him and starting & signing petitions against Kim K.’s appearance in The Marriage Counselor.  Petitions have circulated this week with thousands of signatures asking E! to remove the Kardashian family.  And similar petitions were created concerning her appearance […]

MediaTakeOut.com just learned that security on the set of Tyler Perry’s new film “The Marriage Counselor” is EXTRA HEAVY. That’s because we’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned that producers have received what are being called “CREDIBLE THREATS” towards Kim Kardashian’s life and safety. One threat in particular, a KIDNAPPING THREAT, is being taken particularly seriously. According to an […]

*Fans of Tyler Perry are berating the director on hiswebsite for hiring recently divorced television reality star Kim Kardashian who he cast to appear in his upcoming movie “The Marriage Counselor.” Apparently, folks feel Kardashian, who just filed for divorce 72 days after her made-for-TV movie, should be booted off the project. In the meantime, Kardashian arrived […]