Say what? Granny panties are back?! Listen to the audio player to hear Claudia Jordan reveal which type of women’s underwear men like the most…

If folks don’t start supporting our R&B artists and their music soon, EVERYBODY is gonna be naked! And we are not complaining one bit! Last week, Trey Songz had his fans all hot and bothered after he posted a pic of him shirtless rocking his new Calvin Klein boxers, and now Mario has jumped on the boxer-brief […]

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Aside from great football, fans tune in to the Super Bowl to see all the great commercials. With a lack-luster start to what people call the “ad bowl,” David Beckham stole the show with 30 seconds of man-filled delight!

Emporio Armani unveiled their Spring/Summer 2012 underwear ad campaign today.

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During episode six of “La La’s Full Court Life,” Tv personality and NBA wifey La La Vazquez stripped down to her bra and panties, and decided to confront her weight issues head on by getting on ‘The Scale.’ So how much does La La weigh? Check out the video clip below: Get More: La La’s […]