It isn’t particularly surprising that on last night’s episode of her MTV show,  Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life, the world’s premier Gross-American pop star drank her…

They certainly weren’t drinking Gatorade. An entire Missouri girls basketball team drank diluted urine after prankster players from a rival high school tampered with their water cooler. Four girls from the Cassville High School basketball team urinated into cups and emptied one of the cups into visiting Monett High School‘s drinking water during their game on Feb. 4. […]

Someday, they’ll tell their grandkids about this. Or not. The Daily Camera reports that TimothyPaez is accused of peeing on a woman in Colorado after she rejected his advances. A police report obtained by the Camerasaid Paez came up and put his arm around a woman at a bar in Longmont on Saturday night. The woman turned around and […]

It’s a scientific fact that teenagers are annoying. But are they so annoying that you should throw urine at them? One 91-year-old man says: Yes. A whole bucket. Albert Einsig, of York City, Penn., has had it up to here with you teens and your hootin’ and hollerin’: Until recently, Albert Einsig was happy in […]