Haider Hassan Khudhair Darwash, 34, was charged with felony child neglect, according to WESH. Off-duty Florida Highway Patrol Edy Rivera saw the 2-month-old child asleep in a car seat at around 5:30 p.m., then went into Best Buy to find the car’s owner. No one came forward, so after about 10 minutes Rivera smashed the window of […]

James Collins, 56, called 911 on Nov. 3 and reported his neighbors’ rude behavior to the cops, according to Dumb As A Blog. He claims that they would drink with him so he called 911. Officers from the Fort Pierce, Fla., police department thought they were responding to a domestic disturbance call. Instead, Collins — […]

A 29-year-old woman claiming to be God was arrested after torching her car at a Florida gas station. The incident happened Wednesday night in Daytona Beach: Alexandra Barnes pumped gas into her vehicle and allegedly sprayed more gas all over the car. She then entered the store, grabbed a cigarette lighter and repeatedly muttered, “I’ve got to […]

Police in Louisiana say a chase after a stolen Pontiac Grand Prix ended with a forced spin-out and the arrest of a man who said he took the car because he had to get home and to a second audition for the Fox reality show “The X Factor.” Detective Daniel Seuzeneau (SOO-zuh-noh) says 20-year-old Orrion […]

She was REALLY on Target. Norma Joan Brennan, 79, was on her way to get driver’s license restored Thursday when she crashed through the front doors of a Target store in Ocala, Fla., the Associated Press reported. Brennan’s passenger and the owner of the car, Rev. Kevin Holsapple, told police that he was giving her some […]

This wasn’t the lesson she was going for. A Florida mother was arrested Tuesday after allegedly calling 911 and asking officers to “come out and scare the sh*t out of my kids,” WKMG reported. Dispatchers say Melissa Townsend, of Brevard County, explained that her kids, ages 1 and 3, were “not listening to me and they […]

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Talk about sticking it to the man. Richard Ulrich, 53, threatened to kill his former boss for firing him a few years ago, brandishing a “stake type” stick, according to a news release from the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies say that Ulrich walked into the woman’s Spring Hill, Fla. home at around 4 p.m. Monday. […]

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When your mother said you should call her more, this wasn’t what she meant. Zachariah Dalton Howard, 22, allegedly tried to rob a convenience store in Niceville, Fla., the Sun Sentinel reported, then phoned his mother for a ride home. Deputies say Howard waltzed into Thumbs Up Convenience Store at around 10 p.m. on Dec. 22 and told […]

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A man accused of robbing a cab driver in Daytona Beach, Fla., might have gotten away if he hadn’t left his wallet in the taxi, according to cops. The unsuspecting cab driver, later identified as Marc Bruzzese, allowed the seat switch. During the ride, Smith reportedly asked the driver if business was good. Then, at the […]

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Whoa momma! Police say a 39-year-old mom was under the influence when she repeatedly hit a parked car in an elementary school, the Naples News reported. While dropping off her children for a class trip on Thursday morning, Patricia Libby allegedly hit a Smart car with her Hyundai when she pulled into a parking space. She put the car […]

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Robert Hagerman just wanted his daughter to buy him some beer, but when she refused, the Florida dad got hopping mad. Rather than get the suds for himself, Hagerman, 56, chose to call 911 and told dispatchers that his daughter was on drugs, throwing things and hitting him, ABCActionNews.com reported. When police in Seminole arrived on […]