Cardi B once again didn’t disappoint. The cardi experience is the elite experience. The rapper had fans raving about her headlining set, which was complete with a special guest, an impromptu wig snatch and plenty of twerking. She even took a moment and SNATCHED her wig off and threw it into the crowd.   I […]


Can hair extensions actually kill you? That’s what a doctor in London is speculating after Atasha Graham, 34, died from a possible allergic reaction to the adhesive used to apply her weave. The Daily Mail reports that Graham collapsed after a night of dancing at a club where her boyfriend was DJing. The sweat from […]


(Photo Courtesy of Hate them or Love the Many Wigs/Styles of Ms Nicki Minaj – The Barbie is making statements left and right! Take a look at some of our favorite Nicki-Doos and let us know your Favorite!

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According to stylist Niki Schwan, Minaj succeeds in fashion due to her laxed and fearless approach to new ideas. “She never takes herself too seriously, which makes this outlandish fun style really approachable and that appeals to women and girls in a huge way. She incorporates tons of humor into her style and is fearless in her […]

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From TheCut: Tyra Banks recently revealed that she toned down her look for the next season of America’s Next Top Model, in which André Leon Talley takes a seat on the judge’s panel for the very first time. “This is the most clean you will ever see me in the history of ‘Top Model.’ I […]