word eye heard tv

#WordEyeHeard TV Season 2 kicks off 12/25/13, and it's hilarious! Trust us.

Anyone can come back from the dead, put on a hockey mask and scare the life out of clumsy white people. But trust, you've NEVER been scared like this before, cuz!

When Bruce Banner gets mad, he turns into a monster you can’t control. But when Robert Kelly gets upset, he’s the biggest punk you’ve ever seen!

Watch ManMan and Re’Ally A. Ho battle it out in this new episode of Ghetto Jeopardy!

You know how people act when they’re anticipating their income tax check. Will these two actually follow through with their plans?

Unsung is a television show that tells the story of otherwise forgotten groups. This is the story of Lavender, Teddy Bear, Slim, and Lazy Ruffin, better known as The Hasbeens.

Follow Captain Cockblock and Super Save-A-Ho on their never-ending journey of disappointment and frustration. It's their job to save these hos, and they never fail.


Cleveland is constantly setting the precedent for a hustler’s ambition manifested into tangible results. Big Stove is a college student, radio personality, and Island Def Jam’s latest recruit.