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Unsung is a television show that tells the story of otherwise forgotten groups. This is the story of Lavender, Teddy Bear, Slim, and Lazy Ruffin, better known as The Hasbeens.

Follow Captain Cockblock and Super Save-A-Ho on their never-ending journey of disappointment and frustration. It's their job to save these hos, and they never fail.

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There are too many uncovered secrets in the world for it all to end! Think about it, why are LL Cool J’s lips never ashy, even though all he does is lick them? We must make it our goal to figure these things out before the world ends. So….The Word Eye Heard Presents: Top 5 Reasons the World Didn’t End

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We've all heard the rumors of the secret society that supposedly exists. The most powerful entertainers are said to be members of the Illuminati. This society looks out for its people; they remain successful, they stay out of trouble, and always bounce back from controversy. I don't care whether it exists or not, but I hear members have to have a "blood sacrifice." In other words, someone close to them must die before they can join. So I hope none of my friends put in their application. Anywho, if this society does exist, it's clear that the Illuminati looks out for its people, because these artists wouldn't have made it otherwise. Who am I talking about....?

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With the recent passing of Blaque’s Natina Reed, it was on my heart to honor her. She was always my favorite, and it’s partly because she reminded me of Left Eye. I love her way too much to not acknowledge the blatant swagger-jacking, so…….The #WordEyeHeard Presents: Top 5 People Who Owe Left Eye a Check.

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Ever since Drake made the phrase YOLO popular, people have been doing stupid things in the spirit of "only living once." Well this is definitely life imitating art, because some of our favorite television shows and movies have been living that "YOLO" life way before the Cash Money rapper made it popular to do so. So....The #WordEyeHeard Presents: Top 5 On-Screen YOLO Moments...

With technology has come a term I like to call “Thumb Thugging.” Everyone is a gangster on Facebook and Twitter, when you meet in person, things get real. Real quiet. And what happens when studio gangsters finally come face to face with their nemesis? Usually a bunch of nothing. So…. The Word Eye Heard Presents: Top 5 Fights That Never Happened

Yo Gotti brought his Road to Riches Tour to Cleveland and we spoke briefly about his artists signed to CMG, how he feels about other Memphis artists, and even his thoughts on Lil Boosie's "not guilty" verdict.

Eve held a private concert in Philly and performed old favorites and new bangers! Check out the pics/videos inside!

It's the pothead's holiday, and...not that we condone that kind of thing...but if you're gonna get blowed today off your medical marijuana, here's a list of the dopest weed tracks ever made to get you through it!


Cleveland is constantly setting the precedent for a hustler’s ambition manifested into tangible results. Big Stove is a college student, radio personality, and Island Def Jam’s latest recruit.

Mystikal performs his classic hits like "Here I Go" and "I Smell Smoke," then gets personal with lilD, discussing everything from his current label, to pressure to change his image, to expectations of his upcoming album.