SMDH… A person claiming to be a pastor apparently tried to stiff a waiter on a tip, explaining that their work for God absolved them of having to leave one. A photo of the receipt, posted to Reddit.com, shows a bill for $34.93 that included an automatic 18 percent gratuity ($6.29) above a blank space […]

A shocking video released by South Carolina police shows two elementary school employees brutally smacking a special needs child repeatedly on a bus. Police said the two women, Tomeka Self and Rosanna Dudley, were arrested last Friday on charges of assault and battery. The disturbing video shows the women hitting the 10-year old St. John’s […]

Spanish Police investigating a prostitution ring in Madrid have freed a woman who had been beaten, tied, and had a bar code tattooed on her wrist.  The 19-year-old Spanish woman had been held against her will and had a tattoo on her wrist as a sign of ownership, as well as a money figure showing […]

MediaTakeOut.com just received an EXPLOSIVE report, Chris Brown reportedly STRONG ARMED BET Execs – into giving him the PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD. Here’s what we know for certain. At yesterdays BET Awards, Rihanna was SUPPOSED to win the People’s Choice BET Award for her song What’s My Name. How do we know this? Well MediaTakeOut.com spoke […]

Returning to the state where he launched his political career more than three decades ago, the Republican former House speaker presented himself in sharp contrast to President Obama, whom he derided as a “food stamp president.” Gingrich sounded a hopeful tone as he pledged that a Gingrich administration would reaffirm American exceptionalism. Gingrich sought to […]

APRIL 28–A teacher who stripped off his clothes and walked naked around a Georgia elementary school gave cops a New Age explanation for his behavior, claiming that he had achieved a “new level of enlightenment” and “wanted everybody to be free now that his third eye was open,” according to a police report. For allowing […]

Here’s an interesting fact about Twitter: Black people love it. According to a study by Edison Research, we make up 25 percent of the 17 million (and counting) people who use the social networking site. And here’s something else about black people and Twitter: We love to start trends — trending topics, that is. Twitter […]

DJ Semtex got the exclusive reaction from Jay-Z about MC Hammer’s laugh-inducing diss track, “Better Run Run.” Hova insists that King Hammer took his line in “So Appalled” the wrong way. “I didn’t realize I was the first one to say it,” Jay-Z said referring to the line about Hammer’s $30 million fail. “I said […]

The recent allegations of sexual misconduct by Bishop Eddie Long had me thinking about how extravagant he has lived life and leads me to believe that if you are a man of God, should you have a salary cap? It does not matter how large the congregation is, it’s about using the funds to assist […]

A man claiming to be under the influence of prescription drugs wakes up to someone kissing on his neck, has sex with her only to find out it was his daughter’s 11 year old friend. What a damn shame!

When will it stop? We are told to respect the people who are supposed to protect us but are these the actions of people we are supposed to trust?