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CLOSE just received an EXPLOSIVE report, Chris Brown reportedly STRONG ARMED BET Execs – into giving him the PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD.

Here’s what we know for certain. At yesterdays BET Awards, Rihanna was SUPPOSED to win the People’s Choice BET Award for her song What’s My Name. How do we know this? Well spoke to someone who WAS THERE at the rehearsals and SAW that the teleprompter was to read “Rihanna.”

But the presenter, a fan named Tiffany Green, mistakenly read the tablet which had the winner’s name. Initially she read CHRIS BROWN, who was the last name on the list of nominees. When she realized her mistake, she corrected herself and said “Rihanna.” And our tipster’s report is CONFIRMED by Terrence. If you listen closely, you’ll see that Terrence CORRECTED her and said “No” when she read “Chris Brown.”

Afterward Drake ACCEPTED the award on Rihnana’s behalf. But that wasn’t all. A few minutes later, the host – KEVIN HART – came out and said that CHRIS BROWN, and not Rihanna would be getting the award.

So what happened. Well spoke with TWO independent industry insiders who told us that Chris Brown “SPAZZED OUT” backstage. And that he and his GOONS physically THREATENED an executive from BET.

The insider told, “Chris was yelling and some of [his goons] were about to get it CRACKIN.” The insider continued, “It was so ghetto, I thought it was going to be a riot.”

Shortly after Chris Brown and his “goons” made their scene, BET changed its mind . . . and gave him the award. It’s not clear whether they did so because the exec FEARED for his SAFETY . . . or whether he didn’t want any MAYHEM at the Awards show.

Either way . . . that’s pretty GANGSTA of Chris!!!