Halle Berry says Motherhood Won’t Dictate her Film Choices

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Halle Berry is back in theaters on Friday with “The Call,” a thriller that has the Oscar winner as a 911 operator who helps save the life of a girl who’s been abducted.

“Far too many times we hear about women, girls, kids being abducted and they disappear, or we find the body somewhere,” the actress told us during interviews for the film in Los Angeles. “This movie gives us a chance to look into what might really happen if that were to happen. And while it’s frightening, what it also does is help heighten our awareness to how we can better protect ourselves.

“At the same time, I know I walked away from it feeling scared, but also thinking, ‘Okay, now I know a few things I could do to help myself if I’m in this situation. Now I know what to do so that maybe I’m not in this situation.’ So while it’s scary, I think people will walk away with some real information that could ultimately help them at some point.”


As the mom of a young daughter, who turns five on Saturday (March 16), Berry says it’s important forNahla to have a positive maternal role model…but, it doesn’t mean she should only play movie characters that are squeaky clean.

Listen below.


“The Call,” directed by Brad Anderson, also stars Morris Chestnut as a cop, Abigail Breslin as the abducted girl and Michael Eklund as the abductor.  Watch the trailer below.


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