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Here’s another GROUPIE TALE from Katt Stacks. According to her, she was SPRUNG off … Choppa City’s mcLuvin!!! Yeah the washed up rapper from P. Diddy’s Making Of The Band, Choppa! From Lil’ Wayne to Choppa… Wooooow Kat you really know j=how to pick em’!

When I first saw [Choppa] he I was like “Damn he’s tall“, we chilled in the living room & talked until his boys came back with a Grey Goose bottle, we started sippin’ & his attention-whore boys wanted to go live on TinyChat & show me off. I guess the goose started kicking in Chopper system cause he couldn’t keep his hands off me & kept kissing me on my back. I must of had went over my limit ’cause I don’t remember how I ended up downstairs in my bra with Choppers basketball shorts on , but thanks to his dumb ass boys on tinychat my stalkers & the media recording everything.

I don’t remember how the sex was the 1st time, but the 2nd time I woke up next to him naked & went under the covers & started licking his dick , it was long & thick ass fuck it turned me on even more, I started slurping & chocking on it but even though I couldn’t breath as I mouth-fucked him dug it down deeper “Damn you suck some good dick, I wanna fuck” he said moaning. So I climbed on top I was too drunk & too horny to think about getting a condom so I climbed on top & started sliding my wet pussy up & down like a rollercoaster as I toungue kissed, we switched to different positions all night & his big dick was hitting spots I never felt before, I couldn’t fake the screams even if I wanted to he was a pro unlike the rest of the men I experienced in my life, when he was done he came inside of me & I just curled on the bed like a little baby.

I was sprung & didn’t wanna let him go so I holded him tight as we fell asleep. We woke up in the middle of the night again to get something to eat downstairs, while he was getting the fish I was on my twitter & noticed people were blowing up my mentions claiming I was raped & drugged , I was like what the fuck ? It had turned out my fraud manager saw me on tinychat with chopper & called my mother with a nasty rumor saying I was kidnapped so I cleared it out with everybody that nobody did any harm to me. “I don’t know why Gudda Gudda talking about you don’t look like no crackhead” chopper said as I laughed. After we ate we went back upstairs & laid up talking about life & personal shit, he was a hood nigga but he was actually a very sweet one to my surprise.

He was very passionate & listened to what I had to say which was new to me because I’m use to niggas being hardcore calling me bitch this & hoe that, Chopper actually made me feel safe in his arms & I wanted to stay there & lay on his chest for ever but it was just a dream so my bubble popped as soon as it blew up.

The next morning we woke up to MediaTakeout having a recorded scene from tinychat claiming we have a sex tape, which ’cause alot of drama for Chopper from his babymama & other girls he was dating, he was very upset. So we went back upstairs & laid up while his manager Big Mike went to bail out Young Boy from jail, Chopper kept snoring loud ass hell so I couldn’t sleep I just stayed up watching Set it Off.



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