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A representative for incarcerated actress Felecia “Snoop” Pearson has spoken out about the Baltimore recent arrest.

In a statement, a rep for Pearson proclaimed her innocence and denied multiple drug charges against the actress, after a DEA drug sweep in Baltimore on March 10th.

The sting resulted in the arrest of 64 individuals who were allegedly part of a heroin dealing operation.

“Felicia Pearson has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. In Felicia’s case, she feels that she is being targeted not only because of her portrayal of the memorable character “Snoop” On HBO’s critically acclaimed series ‘The Wire’ but also because of where she is from in Baltimore.”

Snoop, who was incarcerated for 6 1/2 years for killing a woman when she was 14, was released from prison in 2000.

In 2007, Pearson wrote her autobiography titled “Grace After Midnight.”

A variety of directors who have worked with Pearson have said that it was her varied life experiences that helped round her out as an actress.

Before her arrest, Snoop was working on three different films, including one currently being shot in Philadelphia.

“Felicia has overcome numerous hard ships in her lifetime. She does not expect these hardships to be used as an excuse for illegal activities,” a rep for Pearson said in a statement. “She has never stopped working on self improvement. Felicia has made strong statements against drugs and violence of any kind. She is focused on living a positive life-style encouraging youth and formerly incarcerated women to make positive choices for themselves.

“Felicia hopes to return to the Philadelphia film set immediately, and wants her friends and fans to know that she is keeping her head up, shoulders back and that she is prepared to fight these new charges against her.”