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Horizon Air admits that it removed a 6’9″ passenger for being too tall to fit into his seat, upsetting his travel plans and causing him unneeded humiliation.

The incident happened on March 18 on a flight from Portland, Oregon to Ontario, Calif., AOL Travel News has learned.

In a letter, the over-height passenger wrote to Horizon Air, which was sent to the site The Consumerist by his stepdaughter, the passenger states that he tried to get an exit row for additional room, but none were available when he purchased his tickets.

Before his flight, the anonymous passenger made multiple attempts to be placed in an exit row, but instead was told by one customer service agent, that his “long limbs were now the flight attendants’ problem.”

Once aboard the flight, the passenger had difficulty getting his legs fully out of the aisle. A flight attendant walking by tripped over his legs, demanding he pull them fully into his seat. The passenger calmly explained how he tried to get other accommodations and how the phone operator said it would be the flight attendant’s problem.

The flight attendant stormed off before another staff member explained that he must remove his legs from the aisle or leave the flight. Shortly thereafter a third airline official showed up and told the passenger he must get off the plane.

“We apologize for how this situation was handled and compensated the passenger the value of

his ticket off a future flight, which he found acceptable,” Horizon Air spokeswoman Bobbie Egan tells AOL Travel News.

This is not the first time an airline has mistreated tall passengers. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) investigated an incident on Spirit Airlines where a tall passenger was forced to stand during his flight, since he couldn’t fit in his seat.


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