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People always say that “Real recognizes real.” This is true because for me, “Fly recognizes fly.” I want to bring some attention to some Fly people around Cleveland who are making moves in the city and truly fit the definition of what the modern American man should be. Today’s spotlight is showcasing Cleveland born, internationally known musician Antoine L. Dunn. Mr. Dunn can be characterized as many things: a talented man, a former Cleveland Heights Tiger, a singer, and a musician. His music, however, is not as easily categorized. Although derived mostly from Soul, Dunn’s voice has transcended genre to create a sound all his own. I was excited to sit down with the International musician to learn more about his music and the man behind it.

1.) How would you best describe your musical style?

Antoine L. Dunn: I would say the best way to describe my music style would be to say my music is “Smooth.” It’s easy and comforting on the ears.

2.) When did you discover your musical talent?

Dunn: I discovered my musical talent when I was about 11 years old. I challenged myself to write a bedtime song for my girlfriend at the time and that’s how songwriting started for me.

3) Who is your musical inspiration?

Dunn: I have many musical inspirations. From an artist point-of-view, John Mayer, Alicia Keys, and John Legend are all great sources of inspiration. From a production aspect, I’m truly inspired by a few good friends of mine: Tony Nicholas, Randy Bowland, and Marc “MDoc” Williams.

4.) Who inspires you in life?

Dunn: My mother is by far the biggest inspiration for my life. Fighting a 15-year breast cancer battle has proven her to be the most influential life fighter I know. Her legend makes me fight for my legend as a singer, songwriter, and music producer every day of my life.

5.) What is your favorite article of clothing?

Dunn: I’d have to say the collared shirt is my favorite article of clothing. It can be classy, stylish, but yet relaxed at the same time.

6.) What makes you different from other artists?

Dunn: True Stories. I’d say 90+% of the art I create is from a true life experience. When a fan hears my music, they are really seeing directly into my life. I’m not hiding. I’m putting all my emotions on the table for the listener to hear. I’m looking to mend broken hearts.

7.) What is your favorite cocktail?

Dunn: Don’t know, but I’ll take suggestions.

8.) What’s the best kept secret about Cleveland?

Dunn: There is opportunity for advancement in music, and the entertainment business. Many people say that Cleveland has no opportunity for people striving to be successful in music and entertainment, but I know different. The main ingredient to finding hidden opportunity in a market like Cleveland is professionalism.

9.) Who would you love to record a track with?

Dunn: I would absolutely love to record a track with Choklate, an amazing female singer and songwriter that I really look forward to meeting one day.

10.) What has been the most fulfilling experience of your life?

Dunn: The most fulfilling moment of my life is right now. Just to wake up and to know I am living my life’s purpose is fulfillment enough for me. I’ve been able to accomplish so much by living for right now, so I’ll keep it that way.

11.) What was the worst job you ever had?

Dunn: I sold newspaper subscriptions from grocery stores for three weeks.

12.) Who are the Top 5 artists in your ears right now?

Dunn: Anthony Hamilton, John Legend, James Morrison, John Mayer, Antoine L. Dunn

13.) What is your favorite place to travel to?

Dunn: Thailand is my favorite place to travel to!

14.) What is one thing you want to achieve before you leave this earth?

Dunn: I would like to receive a Grammy Award for all my years of dedication to my art in songwriting and producing music.

15.) What’s next for Antoine Dunn?

Dunn: Well, Cleveland’s own Avant and I will be in live concert at Playhouse Square April 30th for Avant’s Kiss Goodbye Tour! On May 31, my solo EP “Miss My Love” will be released worldwide. We will announce the release party details within the next few weeks on my website The record is currently available online for pre-order!

I appreciate Antoine Dunn sitting down with me. He is a one talented man. You can learn more about him not only by visiting his website but you can also follow him on twitter @AntoineLDunn.

You can purchase tickets to see him open for Avant on April 30 by clicking here. It’s going to be an amazing show.

Antoine L Dunn’s official music video for his song “Choose Or Get Chossz”

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