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“I can’t really say any detail on it yet, but premeditating, I wanna keep it humble but it’s gonna do damage to the summer, that’s what I’mma say.”

The teenaged MC was hush about the title of the lead single, adding that, “We’re still thinking about the name of the album.” The “Run’s House” star did share that during the summer months, he plans to put the finishing touches on his debut, which he says is 70 to 80 percent done. He’ll also be hitting the road as part of the Scream Tour starting July 13.

Diggy expressed pleasure at how his fans have been reacting at shows and to the music he’s been releasing.

“People they say when they’re down, they can relate to it,” he said. “It’ll lift their spirits up or they can just have fun with it. They just love it and that’s what I love because it comes from my heart. I don’t talk about nothing I don’t do, man. I don’t talk about nothing that’s not real. I talk about my life, so the fact that they really connect with it and love it, it makes my life, man.”

Of his Bamboozle performance, Diggy said, “It’s a blessing that people really mess with me,” and he to keep rocking stages and winning over more fans along the way.

“The crowd, I just really had them and they were open to me as soon as I walked on the stage. That type of stuff, it doesn’t even get my head big and gas me, it humbles me, ’cause I’m like, ‘Wow.’ It just makes me feel good that people mess with me like that.”


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