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Rios opened up about her interpretation of te track on Facebookand why she feels offended.

“A lot of people are asking how I feel bout Joell Ortiz BIG PUN is Back. Well it was a good attempt on Joell Ortiz part BUT a BIG PUN he will Never be! Found it a bit disrespectful that he would say he the next Christopher Lee Rios to say the least.. With no regard to Me and My family especially My Son PUN’S Only Son which should Be the ONLY one to Claim that BIG PUN is Back..” (Ms Drama TV)

She also said Ortiz failed to reach ou to her for her blessing before releasing the record.

“lke let me tell u something, if Pun’s torch is being passed down then it will be to his Son it’s His Birth right Not Joell..And the fact that he didn’t even ask to begin with to see if I was kool “Passing the tourch” is Disrespectful!! Point blank.. At the end of the Day Only how I feel matter cuz that’s My Husband My Name My Tourch to Pass!!” (Ms Drama TV)

Ortiz took to Twitter to address the controversy.

“Shout to Nicole, Pun’s Sister and MaMa Pun for the kind words. GOD will judge by my intentions. Im good with that.,” he tweeted June 5th.

“No matter how good your intentions may be there will always be some negativity if you take action. still gotta do what you feel is right.” (Joell Ortiz’s Twitter)

The song’s content has also sparked a debate amongst fans and bloggers alike.

Now the problem from Big Pun’s widow Liza Rios’ point of view is that in doing so, whether or not Mr. Yaowa was intending to actually put the cape on and assume himself as the “next Puerto Rican” rap superstar, the Slaughterhouse representer has shown time and time again that he has a viable case/capabilities of becoming the next Chris Rios. The proof is in the pudding, material wise…not w/ sales. His latest freestyle was in no way, shape or form, a disrespectful jab to her late husband. Us fans and bloggers take it as only paying homage, as all previous artists have done so far when jumping on this instrumental. (YK2 Daily)

Check out the “Big Pun’s Back” music video below: