When it comes to foreign diplomacy, Dennis Rodman isn’t the first person you think of. However, the former basketball star is in North Korea with…


TMZ is reporting that former Death Row Records mogul Suge Knight was pulled over by police and the po-po’s had their guns out and pointed at…

According to MGK, Puff Daddy did not initially “get” his full-length solo effort upon first listen. “Honestly, man, Puff had got back from Ibiza three days prior to hearing the album,” Kells said when he appeared on “RapFix Live” this past Wednesday. “People where I’m from don’t even know what an Ibiza is; they probably think it’s […]

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BOCA RATON, Fla. – A Boca Raton, Fla., baker is devastated after a birthday cake she made for LeBron James was rejected. Alethea Hickman of Passion For Pastry said she was approached by the managing partner of the Shelborne South Beach hotel over the weekend to make a last-minute cake for James’ 27th birthday. Hickman […]

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In a move that is sure to upset some customers, Verizon has announced on its website that it will start charging a $2 convenience fee “for customers who make single bill payments online or by telephone.” The $2 fee will apply to those who pay with credit or debit cards on a per-statement basis, either […]

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Just when Chris Brown was edging over to the safe zone with Rihanna, the singer posted a Twitter rant about his ex-girlfriend. But before too many public eyes got to read the posts, he deleted the string of messages and decided he’s leaving the social network for good. His account is once again active, but only only […]

People in general we have a lot on their shoulders. We bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, take care of children, parents, siblings, sometimes without the help of a partner. As wages fall, costs rise, and relationships fail, bitterness can creep into our lives. Sometimes we take out these frustrations on customers, loved […]

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AKRON, OH (WOIO) – A campus controversy at the University of Akron after a school official sent an e-mail to students, but it only went to some of them. The e-mail was sent out after a rash of crime around the University.  The official claimed he wanted to keep students safe, but all it did was […]

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  Keri Hilson and Amy Winehouse look-a-like Keri Hilson is being criticized today for posting a picture on twitter of her and an Amy Winehouse look-a-like partying. Hilson uploaded the picture just hours before Winehouse’s funeral. “*gasp* Amy Winehouse resurrected to party w/ me!!! (seriously, uncanny resemblance),” Hilson wrote on the social networking site. The […]

Nicki Minaj unleashed her new and improved boobs for the world to see on the MTV Movie Awards. Of course, these are not the first implants for the 28-year-old “Your Love” singer. It’s hard to say just how many breast enhancements Nicki has had to go along with her butt shots, nose jobs, cheek and […]

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Rios opened up about her interpretation of te track on Facebookand why she feels offended. “A lot of people are asking how I feel bout Joell Ortiz BIG PUN is Back. Well it was a good attempt on Joell Ortiz part BUT a BIG PUN he will Never be! Found it a bit disrespectful that he would […]