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In Busta’s eyes, Minaj is already taking the necessary steps to advance her career.

“I don’t think there’s anything missing from what she’s doing,” Busta recently told SOHH when asked what advice he could offer Minaj in reference to launching a film career. “She’s a new artist. She’s doing more than what new artists do as far as being everywhere and having the success and acknowledgment that she’s had. I’m just saying the only thing left for her to do, from what I can see, and not only the thing left for her to do but the next thing that I would like to see her do is films.” (SOHH)

Aside from Minaj, Bussa Buss also revealed his approach to maintaining relevancy and taking on new business ventures.

“I don’t know how to advise people for what’s best for them,” Busta added. “I can only speak on what’s best for me. Everybody has their own agendas on how they want to approach new ventures on a long term level and on a short term level. For me, I like to do things on a long term level. I’m careful about the business and I’m careful about the risks. I’m cautious about involving myself with the thing that’s gonna set me up for the next thing. I’m not in it to do what’s cool. I like to do things that’s gonna set me up for the next bigger and better opportunity.” (SOHH)

Recently, Minaj discussed her aim to link up with blockbuster actorWill Smith and Hollywood director Tim Burton.

As far as her acting aspirations go, she’s looking for a bit more than the usual rapper-to-actor transitions (meaning we won’t be seeing Nicki’s version of Killa Season). “I want to work with Will Smith, because he’s a very successful rapper-turned-actor and therefore a role model,” Minaj said. “And Tim Burton because I love his crazy imagination. He comes up with these characters that are just so fascinating and the costumes and just creates these whole worlds.” (Entertainment Weekly)

Around mid-September, unreleased footage of Minaj acting in a film entitled Stuck On Broke landed online.

You may already be familiar with her aliases Roman Zolanski, Nicki Lewinsky, and Harajuku Barbie. Now Nicki Minaj takes on a new role in this lost scene from the 2009 independent movieStuck on Broke starring OJ Da Juiceman. A stripped-down Minaj, seen without her colorful wigs, plays the part of Veronica in this emotional scene, cut from the flick after she was unable to shoot additional scenes due to scheduling conflicts. “We recognized Nicki’s talent early, [but] unfortunately it didn’t work out,” said the film’s producers. (Rap-Up)

Check out a recent Nicki Minaj interview below:

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