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The murder suspect police believed shot and killed rapper Soulja Slim (seen above) was found dead in New Orleans.

Cops say 29 year old Garrelle Smith’s body had gun shot wounds to the head and chest.

Over the years, Smith was tied to at least five murders, including the death of rapper Soulja Slim, although he was never convicted of any of the homicides.

It was his feared reputation as a hitman and a lack of witnesses that prevented Smith from being prosecuted, according to police.

Souljah Slim, born James Tapp, was gunned down in front of his grandmother’s home back in November of 2003.

Investigators believe that Smith and another man named Stephen Kennedy shot and killed Soulja Slim for $10,000, over a dispute with a rival record label.

Was this payback for Soulja Slim’s murder?


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