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Melanie Fiona is gearing up to release her sophomore album The MF Life on October 25th. She is determined to prove that she is not a one hit wonder. Melanie is taking her craft very serious.  She recently sat down with Jae Ink for a Q&A for Ammo Magazine. She talks Touring with Alicia Keys and Kanye West, acting and what we can expect from The MF Life.

JI: You have a new album coming titled ‘The MF Life’; in an interview you stated the album as being “stadium soul.” Explain what that means. What can fans expect from this album?

MF: I fell in love with the sound of my music being played in big arenas when I went on tour with Kanye West & Alicia Keys. I became addicted to that feeling, so I just wanted my music loud and I wanted these songs to be big & I wanted them to be full and feel like they could fill an arena. I’m a big fan of live instrumentation so it was pretty much taking it to another level off the first album and just making this album something big.

JI: Who are some of the collaborators on the new album?

MF: I haven’t finished what will be on the album yet, but I’ve been in the studio working with Andrew Martin, Los, Jerry Wonder, Salon Remy, Jack Flash, and Chuck Harmony. Its been really good I’ve been getting all my creative juices & getting all my ideas of what I want this album to be about. I’m trying new things & I’m also writing with John Legend.

JI: Your first single “Gone and Never Coming Back”, you sing about love lost in a relationship, did this song come from personal experience?

MF: Everything I write about, sing about or perform about is always about life. A lot of the things I go through its always what we all go through and I feel like “Gone and Never Coming Back” absolutely comes from personal experience. I’ve had to end chapters in my life, cut people out of my life, say goodbye to people I necessarily wasn’t ready to say goodbye to, had people say goodbye to me and I wasn’t ready to let it go. I feel that is just the real concept of lost & what it means. So I just wanted to put that into a song and make it very emotional something that people can relate to and help them get through whatever it is their going through.

Read the full interview HERE.

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