In the wake of recent news that the Deion and Pilar Sanders were falsely rumored to be divorcing, is currently featuring an August 24, 2011 interview of Pilar Sanders dishing on the secrets to their relationship, her interest in having twins, their family and the multiple projects she’s working on including small screen to big-screen.

Pilar was interviewed by Deya “Direct” Smith, producer for the Tom Joyner Morning Show. Sanders is featured on “Girlfriend FM: Women Who Work It,” on TJ TV video.

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Here’s what to look out for:

At the 7.12 minute – 9.44 minute mark Pilar talks about the secrets to her relationship “relationship to staying together: feelings, fears, spontaneity, “knowing what I want,” the give-and-take, and understanding.

At the 10.00 minute mark, Pilar talks about her family, pregnancy – interest in having twins though Deion didn’t like her pregnant and a variety of the projects she’s working on: a new fragrance, “may see her on small screen and big screen,” t-shirt line called Rich Girls, she’s “in to music,” with Big Life (her music production company – marketing, publishing).

Check it out the FULL interview HERE.

Watch snippets from the interview below:


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