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Is it so shocking that one in five women would go without sex for a week if they had to choose between a hot date versus status updates?

Maybe this is a sign that men need to get their act together if online friends are more rousing than the real thing. But this does raise a good question, is it men that are lacking or Facebook that’s packing a more satisfying experience? What are women getting from their online social interactions that they aren’t getting from their partners?

The Doctors put this statistic to the test in the video above and are astonished by their audiences response. One male doctor jokes that you shouldn’t have to choose between the two and just combine them, while another laments women’s neglected partners. If previous research is an indication, like this study that proclaims dieting women think about food more than sex, women have a lot on their minds.

With women working long hours, only to grab a few in the evening for their own interests, Facebook and other social media may be more of a threat to relationships than that flirty co-worker…