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The condom was found in wood chips on the playground at Acres Green Elementary School in Littleton, Colorado on Thursday.

“One of my daughter’s friends brought it over to my daughter and gave it to her as a gift,” the father said. “At that point, my daughter attempted to blow it up.” OMG! 

After playing with the condom, the girl put it in her pocket. “My concern is not knowing if it was used or not (and) my daughter putting it to her mouth,” the father said. We are not naming the father or girl to protect her.

“It scares me,” the dad said. “This is the scariest thing I have ever been through in my life.” The girl is scheduled for a series of tests to see if she contracted a disease. School officials discovered the condom the girl found on the playground was not the only one. “The school went out as soon as they found out about it and went through the playground and did find a few other items, condoms, out on the playground,” said Randy Barber, spokesman for the Douglas County School District.

The school decided to send home a letter to all parents at Acres Green. But one school official said parents shouldn’t be concerned.

“No, I feel like in that specific case , in that kindergarten class, they had three adults out there,” said Barber. But having three adults out on the playground and no one seeing the condoms or seeing the girl with the condom worries the girl’s father even more.

“It’s not something I ever thought I would deal with in my life or even conceive of dealing with,” said the father. “It’s real. It can happen, and I think parents need to step up and really take a stronger role in the grounds of the school and what is going on in the schools.”

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