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Consistent Arguments

He’s been on edge lately. It seems like every time you say something to him, his temper flares and he needs to take a walk. He must have been in dire need of air because he didn’t come back for hours. You call to check on him, but of course, he’s not taking your calls. You’re the constant catalyst for his storm-out sessions. What happened to the days when you used to talk things out?

Private Phone Calls

He’s privy to most of your conversations because you have nothing to hide. For the most part, he still takes calls in front of you, but every so often, he gets a phone call that he must excuse himself to take. If you ask him who it was, he will easily tell you that it was his cousin, a friend, or nobody important. And if he’s unable to excuse himself for some reason, he quickly states to the caller that he has to hit them back and hangs up pretty fast. Suspicious, much?

Guys Night Out

He seems to be socializing with his friends a lot more than he used to. He went from hanging out twice a month to three times a week. What’s worse is that he keeps coming home really early in the morning, when he use to be a 12 a.m. kind of brother. And then, according to him and his stories, he seems to be having the most unfortunate luck lately. The day he waltzed in at 4 a.m. it was because he caught a flat and then locked himself out of the car when he tried to fix it. It took AAA all night to get to him. And don’t forget about the night when his boy mixed up too many liquors, got sick, and he had to help take him home. Wasn’t that responsible of him?

Yeah, “responsible.” Keep an eye out and don’t be so eager and ready to fall for the stories.

Lack of the Shoulder Tap

You two use to do it like rabbits in the beginning of your relationship. Not that it got old, but after a long day of work and those household duties, you sometimes find yourself pooped.  However, you know the importance of sex in your relationship, which is why you don’t mind turning over gracefully, once you get that gentle nudge from behind or that shoulder tap that says, “Yup, I’m ready!” Reluctantly, you start to realize that those days are far and few between. When you wake up some nights, reminiscing about those taps, you take the initiative to exercise some of your feminine prowess. He responds to your touch…and access denied. What’s that about?

Call Limitations

What happened to your friend? You and your man were besties in your own right. You talked day in and day out. You use to speak on the phone throughout the work day and when there wasn’t a call, there was texting. These days, your conversations aren’t as lengthy and they don’t happen as often. That wouldn’t really bother you if it didn’t always seem like he was on the other line. He let’s you know that his day is pretty hectic, doesn’t have time to talk, and that he’ll see you at home, but you still feel a bit slighted.

No Access

No one has a house phone these days. So when your phone dies, it’s never been a problem to use his. You pick up his phone to finish your daily gossip routine with mom and BAM, the phone prompts for a password. He never had a password before. You now begin to wonder. You look for him to ask for the password and his response is, “Why are you going through my phone…I don’t go through yours.” Why so overprotective now? Using his phone has never been an issue in the past. Who is this man and what has he done with your boo? Be careful…