Beyonce Knowles posted an excerpt of the 2005 novel by Rebecca Solnit on her Tumblr account, on Wednesday, to tell her curious fans of the inspiration behind her baby’s unusual name,Blue Ivy Carter.

The singer, who is married to rapper Jay-Z, gave birth to their first child in January. “The world is blue at its edges and in its depths,” the New York Daily quoted the excerpt. “This blue is the light that got lost. Light at the end blue end of the spectrum does not travel the whole distance from the sun to us. It disperses among the molecules of the air, it scatters in the water. Water is colorless, shallow water appears to be the color of whatever lies underneath it, but deep water is full of this scattered light, the purer the water the deeper the blue.

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“The sky is blue for the same reason, but the blue at the horizon, the blue of the land that seems to be dissolving into the sky, is a deeper, dreamier, melancholy blue, the blue at the farthest reaches of the places where you see for miles, the blue of distance. This light does not touch us, does not travel the whole distance, the light that gets lost, gives us the beauty of the world, so much of which is in the color blue,” it read.

Speculation has been rife about the origin of Beyonce’s baby name. Many fans believed that ‘Blue’ is a nod to the 42-year-old hip hop artist’s personal penchant for the hue – he released three Blueprint albums in the last few years, and once rapped that his ‘favorite hue is Jay-Zblue’, on the track ‘Go Crazy‘.

The 30-year-old R and B singer is frequently spotted around town with blue-painted nails and blue-hued jewelry as homage to her tiny tot. “Ivy” reportedly references the number four, or I-V in Roman numerals – an important symbol in the siger couple’s relationship.

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