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Trill Ent rapper Lil Phat was shot and killed earlier this month (June), and his funeral was held  recently. I’m not sure if Webbie gave the eulogy, or was just a speaker, but he spoke……and it was sad.

It wasn’t sad because he tugged at your heartstrings. He didn’t make you reminisce on your lost loved ones. He got up there, sounding like he snorted a line in the back, and confused the hell out of everyone involved. Maybe he wasn’t high; maybe he’s just a bad speaker. Maybe he should just make an RIP song and call it a day.

I call GAWD my nigga. God my nigga.

Do I need to say anything else….? Listen below (and if you get freaked out by funerals, don’t worry, it’s just audio, no video):

I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. I in no way think funerals are a joke, but that ish is funny!

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