A very engaged Lebron James caused quite the controversy after asking Olympic swimmer, Lauren Perdue, out on a date! Perdue denied James. “Lebron James just invited me to dinner… Um wuuuutttt?!?” she tweeted.

She posted a photo of herself and Lebron to Instagram with the caption: ‘Oh heyy Lebron’! . [ know his fiancee was back at the room right?? What are you doing?].

After making Lebron seem like a thirsty cheater, she clarified, during an interview with the Charlotte Observer: “He was kind of joking but he was basically like, ‘Would you like to come eat with me at the dining hall?’ And I said, ‘Um, I’m sorry, I have a curfew. So I turned that one down.”

Lebrons fiancee, Savannah Brinson, is in London with him during the games.

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