Hilson took to Twitter this week and immediately stopped the rumor mill from spinning.

“I am NOT pregnant! *runs to the gym* why the f*ck they sayin that? Rumors people, rumors. D*mn! Let a sista live *wink*,” she tweeted August 23rd. (Keri Hilson’s Twitter)

Reports of Hilson possibly carrying Songz’s love child surfaced online yesterday.

According to an EXTREEEEMELY reliable MTO snitch, R&B singer Keri Hison is PREGNANT. How did she know? Well first off, Keri showed up to an Atlanta event yesterday wearing a very BAGGY blouse. Tells the insider, “When I hugged Keri, I immediately felt her belly. And so I asked her ‘Are you?’ . . . and Keri told me to ‘SHHHH’ like it was a secret.” So the BIGGER question is WHO IS THE FATHER???? Keri has a longtime BF in the Caribbean. But we hear that TREY SONGZ has been SMASHING ON THE REGULAR. So who knows??? (Media Take Out)

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No stranger to romance gossip, she previously nixed rumors which claimed female rapper Missy Elliott was her lover.

“Lies!! How do those ppl sleep at night? I love & respect Missy & her work, but we’ve never worked & I’ve prolly seen her 5 times in my life!,” she tweeted March 17th, 2011. (Keri Hilson’s Twitter)

Last year, Keri revealed to SOHH who her dreamy Valentine’s Day date wishful would be.

“I don’t really know who I’d pick for Valentine’s Day,” Hilson confessed. “I guess the closest would be [model] Tyson Beckford, maybe. I don’t know him personally, so it’s purely off of looks. I only know him in passing and I think he’s adorable. That’s it. He’s somebody who in high school and in college I really had a crush on. So it would be him and where would we go? Hmm. Bowling.” (SOHH)