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The only couple with a relatively stable relationship on “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” stopped by The Breakfast Club this morning to clear up some rumors that have followed the pair since appearing on the show. Thirty-one-year old ATL rapper Rasheeda (yes, she revealed her real age!) and her husband of 12 years, Kirk, dished on all the drama in their own marriage, problems with K. Michelle, and just how well they’re eating on Power 105.1 and I have to say I think it makes both of them seem more likable. Check out some of the highlights:

Whether Rasheeda and K. Michelle came to blows on the reunion

What ya’ll saw between me and her on the reunion is what happened. I laughed at the story…

Why Rasheeda flipped on K. Michelle at the reunion

When I said what I said to her I said it to her faced based off of me forming my own opinion. I’m woman enough to say it to your face but you want to go on blogs and interviews and say kindergarten stuff. You’re bully and you need to shut up and that’s my point. I said to you what I said to you, in your face, straight up and down. Stop going behind my back and talking s**t all the time. It didn’t matter if I had 700 luggage bags, I’m a bad b***h.

Does Rasheeda really not believe K. Michelle

It was just a lot of things that didn’t add up. One minute it was please tell Toya I have a lot of love for her and I respect her, then the next minute it’s I wanna whoop this b***’s a**. Wait a minute, if a person’s character is off and on, what makes you think a person wouldn’t…i’m not saying she lied about the whole story. I wasn’t there and I don’t know.

Would Rasheeda be with Kirk if he wasn’t her manager

I am a person who is a firm believer that people who come up with you, should be with you. He’s done so much for my career. I am an underground, independent artist and I live off of my music.

Moving on to Kirk, the hosts had a lot of questions about his soft image on the show. Here’s a bit of what Rasheeda’s husband had to say about it:

Does Rasheeda run him

“They look at me like I’m laid back but I’ve got a history. I don’t like arguing all the time so I just be like you can have it….

It bothers me sometimes because when people see it…if i was to bust out and go off on Rasheeda then people would be talking about me like I’m abusing her, but then when I’m nice I’m too nice.

Would they ever sign a major deal

I rather take the guaranteed slow money. Rasheeda lives well. When you look at me on the show, the reason she hurt my feelings was because I was like you got things that rappers way bigger than you don’t got and you’ve been stable your whole career. You’ve never had to want so for you to even question what I’m doing it pisses me off.

Whether he’s gay

I don’t have nothing against anybody but the one thing about me is people know me. I don’t even play that game. If I did it, I wouldnt have a problem saying it because it’s so widely open so why would you hide it? I don’t like the closet thing.

Check out the full interview below. What do you think about what they had to say?