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Well, this is a case of pop s**t on the Hip-Hop chick, eh!?

Have you ever heard of Stevie Nicks? No, not Stevie J or Stevie Wonder! Stevie Nicks! She’s a rock chick that is beyond fallen off. YET, decided to give her a big ol’ platform to speak out against Nicki Minaj. This is all predicated on the possibility and likelihood that this is a big press stunt, but I DIGRESS. The once hittin’ Stevie said:

“How dare this little girl! … If I had been Mariah I would have walked over to Nicki and strangled her to death right there.”

“I would have killed her in front of all those people and had to go to jail for it.”

Little girl, eh? Nicki damn near 30. Just because she’s not on the other side of zombie doesn’t mean she’s a child.  Now, I think its all silly and Nicki’s behavior lacked a certain amount of class, but I will say this: I’d molly wop Stevie Nicks if she touched my fantasy girl! LOL!

Stevie, YOU AIN’T BUSTIN’ A GRAPE in a food fight at your convalescent home! You might gum one to death if you are lucky! At the end of the day, Nicki is lucky Stevie isn’t relevant enough to judge “American Idol.