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Alright. . .so things seem to be speeding up for Daniel Hernandez AKA Tekashi 69 who COULD be home in time for Thanksgiving Dinner if the current pace keeps up! I heard a letter was filed by the government to have 69’s sentencing date pushed up and that Tekashi will most likely receive “time served” […]

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Via Hiphopwired:  A newly revealed love-letter written by Tupac Shakur is expected to be sold for at least $35,000, TMZ reports. The letter is dated May 22, 1988, about a month before he turned 18. Pac’s crush was in his drama class and went by the nickname “Beethoven” because she played piano. The woman, confirmed with TMZ that she […]


Haters will hate but he’s not holding grudges…so why are you? Cleveland Welcomes Bron Home! Source | Sports Illustrated LeBron: I’m coming back to Cleveland Before anyone ever cared where I would play basketball, I was a kid from Northeast Ohio. It’s where I walked. It’s where I ran. It’s where I cried. It’s where […]

The death of Maya Angelou sent the world reeling. Many are still trying to process the passing of such an iconic global figure. While everyone…

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Dear Christmas, Holiday Greetings! This is your old friend, Thanksgiving. Long time no hear from. I hope your year went better than mine. I won’t…


Law enforcement authorities announced on Wednesday they had intercepted a potentially poison-laced letter intended for President Barack Obama, and temporarily locked down some Senate office buildings amid rising concerns of a terrorism-by-mail campaign reminiscent of the anthrax attacks that followed the Sept. 11, 2001, strikes. The missive tested positive for the deadly substance ricin. The […]

Editor’s Note: Dee dee cocheta is an industry vet that has had a long tenure in music. Her career spans PR & Social Media Professional, digital content producer, blogger and more. She writes an open letter to Rick Ross after a recent song seems to advocate date rape. Rick Ross has not commented. While rape, real or […]

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He’s back!…and with new music too! via GlobalGrind And to the fans he writes: My good friends, It has truly been too long. I assume you’re all keeping well and making the most of this year that has been given to us. Today is the day to begin sharing my newest work with you. This […]

Well, this is a case of pop s**t on the Hip-Hop chick, eh!? Have you ever heard of Stevie Nicks? No, not Stevie J or Stevie Wonder! Stevie Nicks! She’s a rock chick that is beyond fallen off. YET, decided to give her a big ol’ platform to speak out against Nicki Minaj. This […]

In the first portion of her record, Nicki emphasizes her problem with Wayne not putting an offer on the table. “Dear Wayne, if this sh*t ever get to you/Listen to me, there’s some things I should have said to you/First of all, every rapper need to bow to you/As a far, I am really proud of […]

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Although, Beyonce is busy living the good life in St. Barts with her hubby and Baby Blue Ivy, she took some time to update her website with a personal letter to Michelle Obama.  In it, she praised the First Lady for being a strong African American woman who is a caring mother and wife who […]

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 (BlackMediaScoop) Boy I tell you politicians have NOTHING else to do but stay in people’s bedrooms geez! An Ohio Democrat named Nina Turner introduced Senate Bill 307, which would make getting Viagra a pretty big deal. If a man needed the big bad blue pill he’d have to jump thru 3 damn hoops: 1) meet […]