The law finally caught up with Ice-T‘s son.

Tracy Marrow Jr. was arrested early Wednesday morning in Los Angeles on an outstanding $10,000 warrant stemming from a previous speeding incident.

Per local police, the warrant was discovered after the 20-year-old was pulled over for supposedly blasting music from his vehicle.

After officers asked Marrow to turn down the music, he reportedly made some comments to them and turned his music right back up.

Officers then detained him, which was when information about the outstanding warrant surfaced. Law-enforcement sources confirm that his previous bust was a traffic incident involving vehicle speed.

He was later arrested and booked.

On Wednesday night, Marrow, who’s been featured on his father’s E! show, Ice Loves Coco, tweeted that he was out of the clinker.

“Just Bailed Out of Jail lmao,” he wrote. “10k Bail go f–k yourself officer wait for my complaint u need anger management!”

He also tweeted a photo of a document showing he posted the bail, with the caption: “lol F– dirty cops good thing I can Bail out lol time to File a Complaint on the LAPD for arresting me and posting 10k bail for playing loud music lol #NiceSoundShystem sorry!”


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