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While Wayne is unable to participate in the election, he has followed the current campaign between both nominees.

For Weezy, the platforms Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are running on come secondary to the depth of their character. “Following it? Yes, I am… Leaning one way? No, I’m not,” Tunechi told MTV News earlier this month from his tour bus in Las Vegas. “I’m not leaning towards no one only because I can’t. I can’t vote. Unfortunately, I’m an ex-con.” (MTV)

A few weeks back, President Obama addressed a perceived pro-Romney line off Weezy and Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj’s “Mercy” remix.

“You know, I don’t know if they really listen to Nicki Minaj that much. But let’s face it, they are now more hipper than me,” President Obama said when asked if his two daughters listen to Minaj’s music. “There’s a certain point where your kids get old enough, where they’re just hipper than you are and you know, [First Lady] Michelle and I, for folks 50, or folks says, likes to point ‘close to 50’, she’s not 50 yet, we try to keep up and so we’ve got a nice hip-hop collection on our iPods. … [Nicki’s song?] Yeah, I’m not sure that’s actually what happened. But I think she had a song on there, a little rap that said that but she likes to play different characters. So I don’t know what’s going on there.” (Power 95.3)

Much like Weezy, Minaj is reportedly ineligible to vote next month.

If Nicki Minaj makes the decision to endorse Mitt Romney in the forthcoming election, she may want to take care of something first: registering to vote. Minaj was flooded with media clips Tuesday (Sept. 4) when a snippet from her lyrics on Lil Wayne’sDedication 4 mixtape revealed that she is a Republican and voting for Romney. The line may have been blown out of proportion but in an age when personal information is just a Google search away, the 29-year-old was quickly exposed for her voting past, or lack thereof. As it turns out, in the three states where she’s lived, Minaj is not registered to vote. Having resided in Georgia, New York and California the Young Money Barbie never seemed to find the time to fill out and mail in a registration card, or do it online. (Hip Hop Wired)

Earlier this week, President Obama and Romney squared off in their final debate.

The most striking fact about last night’s foreign policy debate was how narrow the differences are between President Obama and his challenger, Mitt Romney. Our sense is that Romney would not be dangerous as a commander in chief. But he did nothing to tarnish Obama’s tangible accomplishments — ending the Iraq war, finding a way out of Afghanistan, killing Osama bin Laden and crippling al Qaeda. So our verdict is the debate was a win for Obama, not by knockout but on points. (Star-Ledger)