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With the recent passing of Blaque’s Natina Reed, it was on my heart to honor her. She was always my favorite, and it’s partly because she reminded me of Left Eye.

The L in TLC left the earth on April 25, 2002, but her creative presence is still very felt, evident by everyone from musicians to average Joes.

I love her way too much to not acknowledge the blatant swagger-jacking, so…….

The #WordEyeHeard Presents: Top 5 People Who Owe Left Eye a Check

5. Ciara- “Creep”

Ciara crumped onto the scene letting us know that her “Goodies” weren’t for sale, and “1, 2 Stepped” her way into our hearts. Though she wasn’t the first female to wear baggy clothes, we didn’t mind because she could dance, and those songs were just so darn catchy.

We let her get away with swagger-jacking Left Eye’s style because imitation is clearly the biggest form of flattery.

But this was all al plot, ladies and gentlemen. The only reason Ciara wore big clothes and stayed in her “Crunk N B” lane was to fool us! Remember her ballad “And I?”

Ciara, you owe Left Eye a check, because you only stole her style to pull the wool over our eyes so that we wouldn’t realize you couldn’t sing! At least Left Eye let us know she was the rapper of the group, but you had the nerve to try and hit notes above the 1995 Toni Braxton octave you were used to and sing a love song.

You tried to creep, ye-ah…and keep it on the down low…?

We found out.

4. Karrueche Tran – “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg”

Karrueche Tran is a girl who knows what she wants…even when she’s not wanted. Chris Brown dumped her over his “friendship” with Rihanna, but Karrueche wasn’t exactly ready to go back to being a regular girl.

Would you? Especially if your ex made an artsy fartsy video explaining that he still loved you…he just loved someone else too.

I sure as hell wouldn’t wanna give back the Porshe he bought me.

So what’s a girl to do when her man leaves her for someone who’s famous for actually having talent? Why, stick around and purposely play the sideline role, of course!

The Word Eye Heard is Karrueche wants Breezy back so bad, she’s willing to stick around, even kicking it with him hours after he kicked it with Rihanna.

Karrueche, you owe Left Eye a check, because you have taken begging to the next level. Chris Brown’s peeter weeter must have crack in it! Cause she wanted that thang whether it was “2 inches or a yard, rock hard or if it’s saggin…”

I know T-Boz said:

Take control of what you got, better get it while it’s hot/Ain’t no better love than your own…

But……it’s not yours.

3. Nicki Minaj – “Waterfalls”

Before Left Eye came around, what female artist was wearing outrageous costumes and crazy colors?? Left Eye made it cool to be extreme, and though she didn’t go as far as Nicki, she started it. (NOBODY should go as far as Nicki.)


I know what you’re thinking. lilD, there were wild and crazy artists after Left Eye…

Okay, that’s cool, but I’m telling you, Nicki got it from Left Eye. Don’t believe me?

Exhibit A:


Sidenote: Lil Kim should definitely STFU about Nicki stealing her style.

Nicki, you owe Left Eye a check, because you took the words “creative” and “crazy” and made them mean “cmon son” and “chile please.” You were doing cool, but you gotta chill with wearing small animals and rib cages on your titties.

Nicki, don’t go chasing waterfalls. Please stick to the leggings and the lacefronts you’re used to.

2. Rihanna – “Silly Ho”

Must I explain…?

Okay, I will.

Rihanna has one of the friendliest vaginas in the industry. At least, that’s the Word Eye Heard. (And the word you probably heard too.)

We of course first knew of any boyfriend with Chris Brown,

and that ended after he Cleveland bus driver‘d her.

…..too soon?

Well…you saw her face.

So then she began a spiral of being friendly with her cooter.

RiRi’s been linked with men from all genres and races, from


to baseball player Matt Kemp

to basketball player JR Smith

to Ashton Kutcher??

and to Chris Brown….again.

Well…the girl has taste.

But sheesh, she’s allegedly been around the block so much, she should change her address to 6969 Penetration Avenue and be roommates with Dashiki!

Rihanna, you owe Left Eye several checks, because she obviously taught you the importance of safe sex by wearing condoms all over her clothes; it’s the only logical explanation as to why you’ve never been pregnant.

Rihanna probably feels like she ain’t never been no silly ho. T Boz summed it up for her perfectly:

I  ain’t never been no one to mess with someone else’s mess, that’s not a thing for me to do.

But it is though.

1. Angela Bassett – “Red Light Special”

You know I wasn’t leaving this one out.

In 1994, Left Eye was dating football player Andre Rison, and after a really heated argument, things got even hotter. Left Eye took some shoes, put em in the tub, set em on fire……then burned the house down!

Oh my God, turn it on channel 5!



The following year, the horny, angry woman’s anthem was released in the form of a movie called Waiting to Exhale. It was about 4 desperate, sex-deprived women who were just trying to get loved and get laid.

But no character captured the angry woman’s hearts quite like Angela Bassett, AKA Bernadine. She was a lover in her husband’s secretaire, working everyday of the week. Was at the job when no one else was there, helping him get on his feet.

11 years of sacrifice…besides the kids, she had nothing to show!

Oh, her husband cheated on the wrong one.

Baby, Bernadine took a page from the book of Left Eye and let all her frustration out on a BMW and a pile of nice clothes!

Yo, I’m scared of Bernadine after that scene, and I didn’t even cheat on her!

Angela, you owe Left Eye a check, because you know DAYUM WELL that fire wasn’t your idea.

You were just smart enough to move the car away from the house.

She told her husband:

Take a good look at it, look at it now/Might be the last time you have a go-round

…in that car.

I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. Lucille Ball, Yvette WilsonAaliyahNatina Reed, Left Eye, and all the others who made us laugh, cry, and smile….we miss you.

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